Jennifer Jennsel

Jennifer Jennsel (Jennifer Selene Ruiz Cea) was born in México city.

The daily coexistence with the painting of her father, the surrealist painter José Luis Ruissó, was an important and powerful influence for Jennifer Jennsel since the very early years of her life, Jennsel learnt to draw and later to paint directly from the teachings of her father, this fact, and the situation of living her childhood in the natural athmosphere of the countryside, provided Jennsel the conditions to discover and develope her own imaginary and symbolism, it is expressed in many of the fantastic and symbolic elements that appear from her early art works, later, the arrival of urbanity to the community where Jennsel grew up offered to her new elements to the central themes of her paintings; The confrontation but also the dialogue between two worlds; The organic and the synthetic, the magic and the technology, the past and the future. These encounters and disagreements are often the axis of the themes in Jennsel's work, a world of prodigies and tragedies revealed through an oniric language narrated mainly by "those other alter egos of Jennifer Jennsel", all those women who inhabit her paintings for become "ambassadors of magic" ... The artistic world of Jennifer Jennsel is manifested through oil painting, graphite drawing and watercolor, this is a world where the most intense human emotions express their voice through fantasy, mythology, poetry and literature, sometimes they are ethereal beings, delicate and beautiful but sometimes they are also terrible, dark and tragic.
Along her art career, Jennifer Jennsel has presented some individual exhibitions and has participated in many collective exhibitions in México and Germany.
In 2010 Jennifer Jennsel married to the german expressionist painter Willi Büsing, together they live in Berlin and share their common space "Corazón Verde Atelier"

The monster of endless appetite

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