Willi Büsing

Willi Büsing, 1960, Troisdorf, Germany

Willi Büsing is a german expressionist painter and ethnologist. He studied european ethnology at the Humboldt University in Berlin. On his childhood his father teached him techniques of drawing and painting. Büsing's work is influenced by the painting styles of Vincent van Gogh and Edward Hopper, he mainly works with acrylic and gouache colours, he uses the brushes, the palette knife and the fingers on the canvas, cardboard or wood. Working with water soluble colours allows him to work freely, to change change positions, gestures, facial expressions and the development of the painting process spontaneously. In addition to some landscapes, the human being, his feelings and needings are the central themes of his paintings. Mythology, religion, literature, legends, the world of circus and theater nourish the imagery of Büsing´s work.
Along his artist career, Willi Büsing has participated in many group and solo exhibitions in Germany, Italy and Mexico. Since 2011, he shares the space "Corazón Verde Atelier”in Berlin together with his wife, the Mexican painter Jennifer Jennsel.


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