Joan Castejón

Joan Castejón (Elche, 1945) is a humanist artist, but not of the Renaissance, but of the contemporary era. If humanism sought to integrate the values of the human being, placing man at the center of the cosmos, Castejón does the same since he began in art in the mid-60s. After attending as a free student at the school of Fine Arts of San Carlos in Valencia and celebrate in 1966 his first exhibition in the same city, he was imprisoned by the Franco government between 1967 and 1970 for attending a May worker's day demonstration.


The loneliness and anguish of this period was fought with the drawing as therapy, consolidating its style and technique and producing around 2000 drawings including 400 portraits. His drawing style is marked by his original skill, applying waxes with the fingers on the paper, to obtain impressive results and plastic solutions that later would transfer to the oil painting.


The work of Castejón includes a wide cultural and philosophical range in which love, fear, freedom, peace, history, war or solitude find their place. These themes are closely linked to the human being and the reality of our time and are captured by the artist to make us share in his vital discourse. Castejón is a researcher who investigates and expresses his findings through art. Throughout his career since 1964, he has explored painting, engraving, sculpture and drawing, the latter being the one that most attracts him, "because he has the imprint of the newly invented", as he himself comments. His drawings lend themselves to multiple interpretations and offer different levels of reading due to his intense literary load and expressive power, thus provoking a kind of reflective contemplation


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